Psychic Readings


About Candace

Candace is a Medium with 22 years experience, specializing in the following services.

• Psychic Readings
• Angel Readings
• Capability charts and soul mate readings and helps reunites loved ones     with great success.

Mastering the art of tarot cards & numerology, with the intuitive ability to reveal past, present, and future with pin point accuracy. Candace has also helped with spirtual clensing such as:

• Chakra balancing
• Reiki
• Energy clearing

Candace doesn’t only offer spirtual clensing for the physical body and mind, but also has helped clense peoples homes and personal belongings.C

Spiritual gift shop

Visit Candace’s Angel & spiritual gift shop offering:

Inspirational Banners
Angel Cards
Chakra Tools
and much more..


"Candace, the boutique owner did a tarot card reading for me . I went to see her after reading a positive article on her and her talent in Natural Awakenings magazine. She made it a point not to learn or ask anything about me before the reading. Her reading of the cards was very intuitive and gave me great insight into life situations that I was seeking clarity on. In addition to the card reading she also accessed her psychic abilities in answering my questions. Candace has a very calm and pleasant demeanor which serves her well and allows her to relate to clients with a genuine compassion. She encouraged me to ask as many questions as I cared about issues that mattered to me and was not concerned at all about the clock. If you are looking for a compassionate, insightful psychic with great people skills, look no further than Candace. Oh and by the way she is VERY reasonably priced."

− Mike S.

"This psychic helped me verify that I am going in the right direction in life. She picked up on who I was as a person instantly and gave me comfort about the future. I would highly recommend anyone to come here if they need guidance or reassurance."

− Maxine A.

"Had a great experience here! I was nervous about the reading but I'm so glad I did it. Excited for my future!"

− Sarah G.

"Highly recommend this business!!! My reading with Candace was amazing, accurate, and very down to Earth. Candace is truly unique and stands out from all the other healers/psychics. Her abilities are natural and she has this gentle compassionate demeanor about her"

− Maureen M.