Psychic Healing in Elk Grove Village

About Candace

Candace is a trusted Psychic Medium with 22 years of international experience. She is based right here in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and specializes in the following services:

Psychic Readings
• Angel Readings
• Compatibility charts and soul-mate readings

Healing and Cleansing

Mastering the art of tarot cards & numerology, with the intuitive ability to reveal past, present, and future with pin point accuracy. Candace has also helped with spiritual cleansing such as:

• Chakra balancing
• Reiki
• Energy clearing

Psychic Readings and More!

Candace doesn’t only offer spiritual cleansing for the physical body and mind, but also has helped cleanse homes, companies and personal belongings. Contact Candace today to start your psychic healing process. Feel the difference it will make in your life!

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If you are in Elk Grove Village or surrounding Chicago suburbs then give Psychic Healing 101's Candace a call at 847-764-2700 to get started!